Thursday, March 27, 2008

Weekly recap

Let's talk about the illness that has plagued Migs. He was sick with some "undetermined" illness 2/24-2/28, which I brought him to the doctor on 2/25. Then AGAIN from 3/11-3/16, which Uncle Jason brought him to the doctor on 3/13 and I had bloodwork done on him on 3/14.

Nothing was wrong, according to the labs and the pediatrician.

THEN on 3/19 Miguel came down with a cold and he just started to get over it last night, which was the first night he slept through until morning. In fact, Tuesday night he didn't fall asleep until 0500. :( How I function is sooooooo beyond me.

Anyhoo, tomorrow is his regular follow up with his endocrinologist. Thankfully, no labs have to be taken. :)

In summary, the past month and 3 days Miguel has been sick for 17 days. Poor baby. That sucks. As of yesterday, I started to come down with a cold, or allergies. I am not sure. :\

So, I've decided to post a lot of pictures in celebration of sleep and feeling better!!!

Miguel and his after school staff back in Illinois. The girl to his left is Amanda Massong, his super nanny and my only saving grace while getting my Master's.

Hanging out at the bar...with his Grandma. Only in Texas, I say, only in Texas.

Just being handsome.

Waiting for the bus.

A favorite pastime.

Alright, the party is over. You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here.

Friday, March 21, 2008

The results are in!!!

No one has a clue...this boat is getting a little crowded. Migs labs were fine. I was really pulling for an issue that would explain this crap away, but we can't get everything we want....can we?


So, Miguel was feeling and doing better this week and came down with a cold last night....runny nose, light cough....symptoms I can work with!!! YEAH!!!! He's handling it well and we are both off today, so I thought we'd go outside in the beautiful 70 degree weather and try to enjoy the day.

Miguel attacked me at DSW and we went straight home for a PRN of Clonidine. Oh, Clonidine, oh how I love thee? Let me count the ways.....

Once I was able to get my flustered and embarrassed self together, I offered his father to take him or I'd leave him in an alley. Is that wrong? Of course it is. However, nowadays, after getting attacked by him I quickly think about signing my parental rights over because, well, THIS IS BULLSHIT! Seriously. It is.

Thankfully, Miguel hasn't attacked me in public in a long time and that is only because I don't take him out anymore for that exact reason. He's gotten me in restaurants, friend's homes, bus stops, parks, name it and I am sure I've been assaulted there.

Anyway, I am tired of it. I think this may be what it looks like to give up.

"I love you like a fat kid loves cake."
--50 Cent

Monday, March 17, 2008

Spring break blows...

When did kids start getting such long Spring Breaks?!?!? Miguel got out of school at 1245 on Thursday and won't go back until next Tuesday. So dropping him off at daycare was a real treat this morning. If you are familiar with the 2 yr. old that has separation anxiety and screams when you leave them....imagine that at age 10, 124 pounds.....a treat, I say, a reeeeeeeeal treat! ;)

Anyhoo, I want to recap the last few days. Miguel exhibited the same symptoms along with the inability to hold his urine lsat week. Friday morning (or Thursday night) he woke up at MIDNIGHT, as I went to bed at 2315. He stayed up from Friday morning midnight until Friday night at 2230....yes, we had a 22 1/2 hour day Friday.

I contacted the endocrinologist on call and ordered labwork. Miguel's results should be in today. I hope it identifies an issue. I'd hate for Miguel to go through this again in one week, per the trend he has set with illness. I just don't like a mystery with Miguel.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

It's a case of the "moooove over"s and the "ya wanna go???"s.

It is official. I don't have the slightest clue about what is going on with Miguel. I have no idea what he is responding to when he has labored breathing, won't sit down for more than 3 minutes, screams intermittently, wakes at 0200, bathes incessantly and spins constantly. He also repeats "you wanna go?" all day and "mooove over" all night. Tuesday night, he'd tell me "moooove over", which means "come lay with me". So I'd crawl into his bed. We'd get cozy. Then he'd push me out or go get in my bed. Then he say "moooove over" and I'd go lay with him....he'd push me off the bed or go get in his bed. You get the picture? Yeah. All night.

These use to be symptoms of illness, however, there is no fever, cough or congestion and the doctor looked in his ears, nose and throat and listened to his lungs. He checks out fine! Miguel is a mystery.

Monday he woke at 0500. Yesterday he was up around 0300-0330 and today he was up at 0200. It is like raising a newborn.

"Hey sweet boy."
--Miguel Favela

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Employment interferes with my life as a blogger... =)

I'm feeling out of touch here but the upside is, I've been busy on a variety of tasks. Thanks Judith for the Texas Autism Advocacy link. I've joined and received a lot of feedback. Perhaps a loop hole could be through Medically Dependent Children Program for Medicaid. I'm looking into that and I am waiting on more info from the DMR last week with regards to further guidance for placement. I'm also looking into a behavioral treatment program.

In the meantime, I am working on professional goals and maybe a new living arrangement.

On another note, Miguel is getting sick again. He was up at 0430 spinning and was in the tub by 0500. This will be our fourth consecutive week of passing cooties. :\

Just for record keeping, Miguel had a meltdown Friday night on the way home from respite. He attacked me coming in the door. He managed to cut my lip in the process. Uncle Jason intervened and the issue was resolved in a more timely manner than usual. It was also helpful that it happened at the end of the day, when all that is left is sleep.
Yeah, I'm sick.
"Everything is funny as long as it is happening to somebody else."
--Will Rogers

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Pepto Bismol is our friend

Two weeks ago, I was under the weather. Last week, Miguel was sick. This week, Pepto is our new BFF! =) Aside from the common case of the yuckies, Miguel had his DMR yesterday. It took 4 hours and thankfully I brought a lot of snacks.

Miguel was very angry and upset for 90% of the process, probably because it was out of his regular routine and he didn't know what was going on. Nonetheless, he is usually great for appointments. Any excuse to play hookie is fine by Miguel. Yesterday, this was not the case and it made for an exhausting and stressful day.

So the verdict is, Miguel is Autistic. Duh. ;) and Profoundly Mentally Retarded. I think the label is awkward b/c I don't see him as MR, let alone PROFOUNDLY. He is sly as a cat, yet, super Autistic and a bit of a pain in the neck....but this is not a label that will get him services.

Now that he has the DMR, I can look into placement more and Miguel will be put on another waiting list for other services. I am also researching the Parental Rights portion of placement.