Tuesday, October 28, 2008

DO NO HARM. What is that?!?!

A bunch of crap, if you ask a peer review board of "MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS IN TEXAS".

Courtesy of "medical professionals" that the All Republican Texas State Supreme Court wants to keep from fleeing Texas. Thanks again, All Republican Texas State Supreme Court!!! Smashing good job!!! Kudos.

I think the BEST part of it, is that Miguel was CRITICAL when he showed up to the hospital with a blood glucose of 14...had the "ambulance" got lost or made an extra trip around the block, they may have delivered a 10 year old's dead body.
Ahhhh...that just makes it so easy to sleep at night. Awesome.
"Do no harm" is alive and well in Texas!!!

The castration of Texas...not a bull, but a cow. A big, fat, lazy cow.

Election year is here and I casted my votes this morning. State Representative Scott Hochberg got my vote!!! So did a Democratic Texas Supreme Court because the Republican Supreme court is on my shit list!!! It's tough when you vote just to vote against people...

Fuel to my fire....

I received information that the "Dr." and "RN" of Lufkin State School went before a peer review board for their grossly negligent actions and they are....BACK AT WORK at LUFKIN STATE SCHOOL!!!!

What does this say about the medical profession, their peers agreeing with the low standard of practice or just being a cult that will support their peer no matter what?

Does anyone have a backbone anymore?

Where has the character of an individual gone when everything looks so damn blurry?

Who stands out in a crowd to voice their opinion, back it up with substantial evidence and stick to it no matter what people may say?

Has Texas been castrated?!?! Where the fuck is the justice?!?!?!? I'll tell you where...wait for it.

To add insult to injury, I received the news a couple weeks ago about the "doctor" and "registered nurse" going back to work to "practice medicine" at Lufkin State School, which brought up so much anger...I couldn't even respond appropriately (as if this is appropriate, but it is as good as it gets at this point). Miguel is literally functioning on the level of a 12 month old baby, a helpless, blind and Autistic kid that relies on caregivers to treat him with respect and dignity, so when a parent puts their child's welfare in the hands of "capable and responsible" PROFESSIONAL adults....you could only expect to have these standards upheld to a minimum of DO NO HARM. DO NO HARM, you know, "ethics" of such "professionals".

To further my anger (which will probably never resolve), it's election year and I heard this fantastic promotion on the radio for the ALL Republican Texas State Supreme Court, stating that we should THANK the ALL Republican Texas State Supreme Court for bringing doctors back to Texas because they were FLEEING the state due to FRIVOLOUS lawsuits.

Ummmmm....fuck you. That's the best "thanks" I can drudge up at this point. Where is the justice? Please refer to my earlier blog about the same ALL Republican Texas State Supreme Courts ruling encouraging INCOMPETENT, INCAPABLE, IGNORANT, UNPROFESSIONAL "doctors" to FLOCK to Texas because Texans don't care about their medical treatment and will NOT demand appropriate treatment for accurate diagnosis.

"Thank you, all Republican Texas Supreme Court for allowing piss poor medical treatment to your constituents. You are AWESOME!!! Keep up the good Republican work!!!"
-Kelly Favela