Friday, October 26, 2012

Running for a cause!!!

This year I did my first marathon and I ran for OAR, the Organization for Autism Research, and I will be running the half marathon this January for OAR again!!!

There have been 4 genetic tests that have been beneficial in identifying Autism and there is a new DNA sequencing test that has not been approved by insurance companies, yet due to cost.  However, it maps 80,000 genes to better identify genetic issues and possibly open up more study about Autism.  Miguel has been tested for the 4 Autism identifiers and he has come up negative.  My boy is still a surprise there.  Nonetheless, he growing tall and he is healthy, so I won't complain.

Please feel free to support this ongoing cause and donate as you feel fit.  Thanks a bunch!


Kel and Migs

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